Oregon Health Authority Begins Foreclosure On Your Home

Here is How It works With The Oregon Health Authority and Care Oregon Health Ex-Changes.
At a cost of $20,000 for a family of four you can purchase a Bronze Plan insurance policy. That policy pays 60 percent of your medical cost. The remaining 40 percent is your responsibility. So Johnny wrecks the car and runs up a $100,000 health care cost. The insurance pays $60,000. The Balance $40,000 is your responsibility. You have 30 days to make arrangements to pay this amount in full. Unable to work out a payment with the Oregon Health Authority, they issue a Distraint Warrant and begin the process to foreclose on your home. Your mortgage holder receives a notice and now you are in default of your mortgage. The Sheriff has to sell the property in 60 days to collect the money due." Meanwhile you, your family and Johnny are out of the house.


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