Defund Obama Care!

From Jim Noble:
I get so frustrated when I hear the media talking about Obamacare. What you are not hearing is. If you are a low income family you will get a full or partial subsidies as a "Tax Credit". Which means, for a full tax year you have to come up with a monthly bill for that $200-$800.00 plus! (depends how big your family is) insurance premium every month and then when you file your taxes if you don’t "owe" you will get your "Tax Credit". If you’re low income how do you afford that? This is a hidden fact you are not hearing and this is the reason that low income families don’t have health insurance now and now you are going to get fined if you don’t do it! People this a going to be a huge trainwreck waiting to happen. Please share this and get the facts out there. You are not hearing this from the government or the media.


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