Tina Kotek goes to Hollywood!!

While some states are re-examining and even reeling back some film production incentives, Oregon lawmakers this year expanded theirs. Critics say the incentives mostly go to deep-pocketed production companies and that competition between states to land movies and shows is a race to the bottom. Yet another legal way for Dems to use our tax dollars to fund their campaigns. During this year’s regular legislative session, House Speaker Tina Kotek (D) voted for more Oregon tax breaks for Hollywood – increasing the fund for tax rebates by $4 million – from $6 million to $10 million. Now it’s time to collect on her cut of the $4 million. Today, Speaker Kotek is headed to Hollywood for a big shindig/fundraiser with the stars. She’ll be joined by the California Speaker of the House – also a Democrat. They’ll be hobnobbing with celebrities at the exclusive W Hollywood hotel – downing champagne and caviar, and chuckling about Speaker Kotek’s duplicity at supporting tax breaks for her Hollywood chums/ATMs after she and her Democratic colleagues demonized tax credits and deductions all session long as”giveaways for the rich”.


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