Port exit may mean costly shipping for Oregon firms!!

A major shipping company’s decision to withdraw from the Port of Portland by January 2014 means local exporters will face higher transportation costs to move their products overseas, including processed foods and timber. South Korea-based Hanjin Shipping Co. announced Oct. 18 it will no longer carry containers out of Portland’s Terminal 6 due to rising handling charges and sagging longshore labor productivity. Value-added agricultural products like processed potatoes and onions are all shipped by container. If Hanjin leaves, Eastern Oregon exporters would have to pay more to truck containers to Seattle or Tacoma, which cost between $500 and $1,000 per container the last time ships were diverted in summer 2012.”(Hanjin) is a significant loss to ports on the Columbia and Snake river systems,” River. Kim B. Puzey, general manager at the Port of Umatilla said.”We are down to very little service now, almost nonexistent compared to what we had. Everyone here is having to make transportation adjustments that are significant to their bottom line.”


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