Clackamas County Commissioners Demand I-205 Diversion Estimates

The Clackamas County Board of Commissioners wrote Gov. John Kitzhaber today with a warning: If they don’t get good estimates on how tolling the Columbia River Crossing might affect Interstate 205, they’ll officially oppose the project. The letter (PDF), dated today, says the commissioners have asked Kitzhaber three times in five years for how tolling Interstate 5 would affect I-205 and "have failed to release satisfactory answers." As WW reported, consultants CDM Smith have been preparing an investment grade analysis for tolling the $2.7 billion CRC. Emails obtained by WW show that state officials have long known that tolls on I5 would fill I-205 to capacity. The Oregonian reported last week that the commissioners were likely to send a "letter with teeth" regarding the proposed Oregon-only Interstate 5 project to replace bridges into Washington state, expand interchanges on both sides of the river and extend MAX lines to Vancouver.….html


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