Meet some frustrated Oregonians whose insurance was cancelled!!

Last week, Scott Grout called his health insurance company to”confirm all was good for 2014” and he could keep his plan. No such luck.
“They informed me that my current plan will be canceled,” said Grout, who lives in Portland.”They sent no notice of this. I pro-actively called and was told that I was to be auto-rolled onto a much more expensive plan.” Grout is one of 145,000 Oregonians who buy health coverage on the individual market and have received cancellation notices in recent weeks. Their policies don’t meet the Affordable Care Act’s more robust coverage requirements, which go into effect in January. Grout used to pay $305 a month for his family of four and the plan covered all preventive care and 65 percent of out-of-pocket expenses. The cheapest new plan he could find through Cover Oregon costs $648 a month, with only 50 percent of expenses covered. Grout basically wants a catastrophic policy, but that’s no longer possible under the Affordable Care Act (unless you’re in your 20s).….html


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