Population of Oregon inmates with mental health issues surges!

One in three inmates in Oregon prisons have mental health issues, and their numbers are growing, according to data from the state Corrections Department. The agency’s latest inmate profile, published monthly, counted 4,672 inmates who need mental health treatment. That’s up 17 percent from five years ago, when the count was 3,991. The monthly profiles are posted on the agency’s website without comment, but they provide rich details about Oregon’s prison population. The latest numbers are a snapshot as of Nov. 1 for 14,707 inmates. The total sent to prison for sex abuse jumped 12 percent in five years, moving that crime to the No. 2 spot from No. 4.
Substance abuse plays a key role in landing inmates in prison, the data show. Currently, 10,618 inmates have substance abuse issues. That’s 7 out of 10. Some 2,800 inmates are in prison for drug charges, although 1,977 have other charges as well. The number of inmates in for drug charges grew 21 percent the past five years.


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