The separation of powers in our Constitution is very clear!!

Back in 2009 (when the democrats had super majorities) we created the Oregon Health Authority as a new state agency. We also ceded to them a lot of the authority that historically belonged to the legislative branch. Along with that we created the insurance exchange (Cover Oregon) as a public corporation, which put them outside the control of the legislature. I think we are headed for a massive train wreck and it may be by design. The reason I say this is because our Governor, and many members in the legislature truly want the complete government takeover of the health care system and this may be the way to accomplish that. I will go into more details during the February Session on this issue. I will close this with a request. I know there are many people who are fed up with government. I know there are also many people to whom one particular issue is the most important to them. What I am asking is twofold. First, stay engaged. It is more important now than at any time I can remember for the people to hold politicians accountable. Secondly, expand your interest beyond your singularly most important issue. I still believe you can do a better job of running your life than the government can, and we are losing these essential freedoms.


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