College Voter Registration bill. Huge focus on ONE segment of population!!

SB1525 and SB1581 will both be voted on on Wednesday AM in the Senate. Both offer loop holes in voter registration inconsistent with the student’s status, or just don’t warn students of their responsibilities as voters. Call your Senator and tell them to vote NO!! These little lax laws make for a porous sieve of election fraud. Thank You Janice Dysinger!
Did you know 1/2 of Oregon College Students are from out of state? Shouldn’t student tuition status match voter reg? If student tuition status is different than voter registration…then …voter OR tuition status is fraud. Does voter registration program warn students of responsibility to check requirements? Penalty for fraud voting is Class C Felony=$10,000 fine. Penalty for non citizen voting equals deportation. Putting anyone between student and election office is potentially a problem.


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