Rep. Shamia Fagan (D-Clackamas) Ducking The Vote On Protecting Child Abuse by State Employees!

One House member, Freshman Rep. Shania Fagan, ducked the tough vote altogether. The web site commented”In one of the most startling and cowardly moves this session, Shemia Fagan hid-out to avoid taking a vote that protects children from sexual abuse by public employees,” and”When the bill was pulled to the floor of the House, Fagan was nowhere to be found. She arrived fashionably late just after the vote and her Democratic leadership covered it up by marking her &#145excused for house business.’ She had no committees or work groups at the time that would have trumped her responsibilities on the House Floor.”
It’s been tough for Freshman Fagan to protect minors this session. Besides abandoning victims of sexual abuse in this week’s vote, earlier in the session she sold out minors’ privacy – and then wasted one of her priority bills just to try to cover up her mistake.….html


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