Portlanders resist major land-use changes!!

Not everyone thinks the land-use”grand bargain” approved by the 2014 Legislature is so grand. A compromise that resolved land-use planning problems in Washington County was hailed as one of the major accomplishments of the season that adjourned on March 7. It was supported by elected officials, developers, environmentalists and farmers to end the uncertainty created when the Oregon Court of Appeals rejected Metro’s 50-year plan for future growth and conservation in the region. But Jim Standring and Sandy Baker say the agreement does not meet their needs. Both of them had filed legal challenges in the appeals court to be allowed to subdivide their land. Standring owns 70 acres of farmland in unincorporated Washington County that he wants to develop as residential property. It is at the northwest corner of the Sunset Highway and Helvetia Road. Although Metro had designated the property for future development, the grand bargain prevents that from happening for the foreseeable future.”I bought that property in 1993 because I knew it was situated for future development. It’s right along the freeway and is already served by utilities,” says Standring, a homebuilder who denounces the grand bargain as”an ill-conceived plan.”


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