Lori Porter, Co-Founder of Parents Rights in Education!!

I Spy Radio-No Longer About the Birds and Bees, It’s Full Indoctrination!! This week: Lori Porter has been following developments in state education and health care policies. There has been a shift in education as part of the”health care transformation” where the state is now imposing their version of morality and sexuality on students starting as early as kindergarten. Remember the left has removed Boy Scouts and churches and other traditional organizations from schools and have backfilled that vacuum with their own groups, such as Planned Parenthood, who are teaching their own morality. Tune in to hear how the state is inserting itself between parents and their kids. And learn how people can successfully fight back and stop the indoctrination. LAST CHANCE ON OUR CONTEST! Enter to win one of two autographed copies of Scott’s latest book. You’ll have to tune into our show to find out how to enter — or visit our Facebook page! Busy on Saturday or Sunday? Not a problem. Monday, after the show airs you can go to our webpage and download it from our”latest show” page.


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