Governors group, including Kitzhaber, seeking new extension of federal tax credit for wind farms

A group of governors including Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber wrote to congressional leaders Monday urging them to approve a multi-year extension of the federal production tax credit for wind farms as soon as possible. FEDERAL WELFARE BY ANY NAME IS STILL WELFARE. Kitzhaber was chairman of the Governor’s Wind Energy Coalition last year, which includes 23 states. Washington Gov. Jay Inslee will chair the coalition next year. Margi Hoffman, a policy advisor for Kitzhaber, says the wind industry has invested some $9 billion in Oregon, though the state’s wind energy boom has cooled off in the last two years. Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore and now chair of the Senate Finance Committee, will likely play a key role in the PTC debate. He is expected to move this week or next to revive a package of tax breaks – known collectively as tax extenders – that expired at the end of last year. Wyden declined to comment on the package Monday, but said its no secret that he’s been a big supporter of the PTC in the past.


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