Rep. Earl Blumenauer wants to cut Willamette Superfund costs!

Muddy Waters! Rep. Earl Blumenauer’s wife works for the company paying the bills for the clean-up. Blumenauer rarely—if ever—publicly acknowledges the conflict of interest he has on the Portland Harbor debate: His wife, Margaret D. Kirkpatrick, is senior vice president and general counsel for NW Natural. The utility last year awarded her $769,080 in total compensation—including salary, bonuses and other benefits—and her NW Natural stock holdings are valued at $347,000. NW Natural owns two polluted industrial properties along the Willamette River where it buried tar left over from gas plants that stopped operating in 1956. The company’s most recent filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission shows its liability for the Superfund cleanup is at least $43 million. Blumenauer says his wife’s financial stake in NW Natural has not affected his position. Vote James Buchal For Congress!…..html


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