What’s Portland’s most crime-ridden bus line?

What is the Portland area’s most crime-ridden bus line? What TriMet park-and-rides do auto thieves target the most? Where are transit riders least likely to be a crime victim? The bus route with the most reported crimes was the No. 72 (Killingsworth/82nd Avenue). There were 44 reported incidents, including 14 assaults, eight robberies, one sex offense (involving masturbation) and eight thefts. Police were busiest at the Gateway Transit Center, the scene of 48 reported crimes. Twenty of those involved auto thefts or car break-ins at the park-and-ride garage. The only part of the TriMet system where crime went up in 2013 was along the Green Line between Gateway and Clackamas Town Center. Along that section of track, 48 crimes were reported in 2012 while 52 were reported in 2013. Most of that increase was recorded at stations along Interstate 205. Actually, only the Lents and Holgate stations, serving two of Portland’s high-crime areas, showed upticks.


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