Stop Parental Alienation. Children Need Both Parents!!

It’s easy and more convenient to label is as misogynists or angry and bitter men rather than take a look at who we really are. We are the man who just spent hours crying himself to sleep because he misses and loves his children so much. We are the grandmother who hasn’t seen her grand kids in months and cries upon waking in the morning. We are the aunts and uncles who miss those children just as much as we do, knowing full well huge chunks of the lives of young children will never be spent with half of that child’s family. We are a young girl who misses her sister so much that she carries a framed photo around her neck to keep her sister close to her heart. We are the friends and coworkers of struggling fathers who see daily the pain and agony that comes with not seeing your children or only seeing them 4 days a month. We are the young father who couldn’t take the pain of missing his kids anymore so he chose suicide instead. We are that fathers family who now must suffer years of heartache because of parental alienation and its deadly effects.


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