Common Core was invented by a handful of Washington-based education”experts” five years ago and bankrolled by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. But it took off when the Obama administration put $4.3 billion in state education grants called Race to the Top in the stimulus bill. President Barack Obama’s Education Secretary Arne Duncan made it clear the surest way for states to qualify was to adopt Common Core. Some states took it unseen, since the first grant applications were due in January 2010, and the standards were not written until months later. New York adopted Common Core in July 2010, in return for $697 million. All in all, 45 states signed on to a program that had never been tested in even one school. Contrary to what the public is told, Common Core is not about standards. It’s about content — what school kids are taught. In the social studies framework approved on April 29 by New York State’s education authorities (but not parents), American history is presented as four centuries of racism, economic oppression and gender discrimination. Teachers are encouraged to help students identify their differences instead of their common American identity. Gone are heroes, ideals and American exceptionalism.


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