Pot shop bummer State says go, locals say NO!!

But at least 10 state-approved dispensaries currently blocked by moratoriums appear to be keeping their licenses, at least for now.
"We kinda gotta just hang on and see what happens," said Tammy Brown, who owns Westside Wellness in Aloha. She said she invested more than $70,000 in the facility before Washington County imposed its yearlong moratorium.
Licenses are tied to locations, so relocating would require an owner to re-apply with the state. Brown worries it would be difficult to find another location with a landlord who would be comfortable leasing property for a dispensary. Steve Geiger, owner of Highway420 in Seaside, also is holding on. "The problem with getting our money back is we lose our spot, and spots are like gold now," said Geiger.
Geiger said he’s leasing a space more than three times larger than he needs for what is, at the moment, just a smoke shop. He said he hoped to open the other two-thirds of the shop as a dispensary, and he plans to keep pushing the City Council to lift the moratorium.


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