Nonpartisan primaries campaign picks up $114,000 from business interests Oregon campaign finance

What do You Think Portland, Milwaukie, and Oak Grove? I am all for an open primary where the top two candidates move to the general but is this true representation? My Opponents for State Representative HD 41 spent over $300,000 in Big Union Money almost half of which came from out of State. If we had an open primary my two opponents would have surely been the two front runners leaving You, the voter, with No Real Choice at All. Is this how we want to conduct Our Elections here in Oregon? Letting Out-Of State Big Union Money Buying Your Vote? Does it really matter what "party" a candidate is as long as they move Oregon Forward with Common Sence Legislation?
Over 5,000 Bills were introduced in this last regular session. That could be 5,000 New Laws Governing Your Life. Giving You more regulations, business taxes, increased fees, more agencies, higher taxes, and pet projects.….html


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