Shame on You, Basic Rights Oregon!!

By James Owens: Co-Founder Freedom Oregon; Log Cabin Republicans of Oregon; Leadership Committee member, Young Conservatives for the Freedom to Marry. I ran for a legislative seat here in Oregon and lost. But during the endorsement process I gained an interesting insight into politics: In the eyes of most LGBT groups, regardless of whether you’re an avid supporter of LGBT rights, an "R" by your name is a scarlet letter. Although I am a registered Republican, I have been on the front line of the fight for equality. So when I learned that Basic Rights Oregon (BRO) Equality PAC would not be endorsing my campaign, I was shocked. Then I saw the endorsements . It became clear to me that BRO was not interested in pro-equality candidates at all. Every — and I mean every — single endorsement was for a Democrat. BRO Equality PAC should be ashamed of themselves. Pretending to be pro-equality when in fact they are not is egregious. It is incredibly offensive to me, as a member of the LGBT community, and it should be offensive to every pro-equality human being.….html


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