***ATTENTION*** FACEBOOK has recently changed its rules for Pages again

So, here’s the deal; A person has to be ‘active’ on your page a minimum of 3 times within any calendar month period. This means clicking ‘like’ on one of our pictures and/or posts or just leaving a short comment. If a
person is not active on your page, as listed above, after a month of no activity, their ‘like’ will be removed from your page, as FB has decided they are not interested in your page! Talk about frustrating!! So, if you are a fan of
any pages, do make sure you are regularly active. Even just one quick post a week will ensure that the page will remain in your timeline. It’s also been found that the more Likes or Comments any one post receives, the
more people that see it in their News-feed. So if you see a post or photo from any page you are a fan of make sure you like it, or even comment on it. Help keep pages running Please COPY & PASTE this onto your Page Wall if you have
one!! PLEASE LIKE THIS POST TO KEEP ACTIVE NOTIFICATIONS..Don’t forget to hover over the follow button and click on GET NOTIFICATIONS!


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