Oracle Cover Oregon website worked, but plug pulled for political reasons Why??

Software vendor Oracle provided information last week to the U.S. House and Energy Committee claiming the website was operational in February, but that the state of Oregon pulled the plug on it for political reasons. The On Your Side Investigators obtained a copy of the Power Point presentation, which alleges the state deliberately distorted the case for abandoning the Cover Oregon website in favor of transitioning to the federal exchange. Kitzhaber blamed Oracle for missing deadlines and for what he called fundamental flaws in the portal’s architecture and for thousands of bugs in the system. The On Your Side Investigators reported in December that the decision not to hire a Systems Integrator was the first major wrong turn for the project. The Investigators unearthed reports from independent quality-assessment contractor Maximus that reached the same conclusion. Oracle says it tried to keep the project in line even in the months after it missed its go-live date of Oct. 1, but Cover Oregon officials continued to circumvent normal procedures and attempt to expand the scope of work beyond what was necessary to make the website functional.….html


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