Driver cards’ business-union alliance harms law-abiding employers, low-skilled Oregonians

Oregonians face wage depression fueled by SEIU and OAN’s efforts to keep a large cheap labor force filled with many illegal aliens. Other businesses who use E-verify and obey the law and are disadvantaged by OAN and SEIU’s advocacy for illegal aliens. If the members of unions were decent, they would reject leaders who promote the destruction of their State. Two trade-association executives head the PAC: Bill Perry of the Oregon Restaurant and Lodging Association and Jeff Stone of the Oregon Association of Nurseries. Among the PAC’s first donors: the political arm of the Service Employees International Union, which has contributed $20,000. The PAC will work to garner”yes” votes for the November ballot measure via which Oregon voters will approve or reject driving privileges for illegal immigrants.…yers#


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