Michael Gottfredson will get $940K severance as U of O President

And people wonder why their child’s tuition is so high? Nearly a $1M in compensation to "mutually part ways"? $360K a year as a tenured instructor? Higher education continues to be out of reach for many families. Folks have asked me what the point was of posting the Portland Public Schools Superintendents 28% Salary Increase for a total compensation of over $300,000 per year. Not to mention Carole Smith’s Golden Parachute. I would say the same reason I am reposting this article. These school administrators are not being rewarded from the profits of a company they built. They are being rewarded with Our Tax Dollars that should be going to the children, their classrooms, and teachers. Think of these administrators next time your asked to pass another school bond for repair or for "the children".

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