UO taps arts and sciences leader to replace ‘world’s worst schmoozer’

UO’s board named Scott Coltrane to the role after accepting the sudden resignation of Michael Gottfredson Thursday. Coltrane is known for his studies of fathers and families.”He investigates why and how men are involved (or uninvolved) in housework and child care and how this influences their partners, their children and their families,” according to his UO staff biography. In the meantime, questions are arising over both Gottfredson’s hiring and departure. The Salem Statesman-Journal reported that he’ll receive $940,000 in severance pay. As the paper pointed out, fundraising fell during Gottfredson’s second year. He also lost supporters within the faculty ranks, said one professor. "He was just tortured by the most basic part of his job where he had to communicate with people," economics professor Bill Harbaugh told the Statesman-Journal.”The main job of a university president these days is to raise money … Gottfredson was the world’s worst schmoozer."


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