Where does Jeff Merkley get his campaign cash?

Since he entered the Senate in 2009, he’s raised nearly $9.2 million for his re-election campaign, according to Open Secrets, the website run by the Committee for Responsive Politics, a nonpartisan watchdog group. As of June 30, he had $3.5 million in the bank. 1) Ideological/single-issue groups: $690,697. This category includes those supporting gay and abortion rights. 2) Finance, insurance and real estate: $583,247. 3) Lawyers and lobbyists: $528,826. Merkley picks up a lot of money from trial lawyers, who oppose efforts to limit their ability to file lawsuits. Which raises all of our premiums. 4) Organized labor: $337,300. About 20 percent of Merkley’s money from political action committees has come from unions, according to Open Secrets. Merkley is also a favorite of the progressive, socialists, activist left, and he raises a lot of money from small contributors. Many of them contribute through ActBlue, an online fundraising
tool for Democrats.


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