In the Supreme Court of the United States 10-1470

In this action, the respondent custodial mother (Erica Ewing) in a divorced family reverted to her maiden name and obtained a name-change order for the three minor children from a trial court in an ex parte proceeding by submitting a false affidavit with respect to the father’s support for and involvement in the children’s lives. When he learned of the change, the father re-opened the proceeding and obtained a reversal of the original order. The mother did not
advise the children of the reversal of the falselyobtained name change, and, at trial, the court found that the children’s time under the falsely-obtained name contributed to their best interest in retaining that name, going forward. In doing so, the trial court rejected controlling Oregon Supreme Court precedent as based on outdated”social mores.” The
Oregon Court of Appeals (Ellen Rosenblum) affirmed without decision, and the Oregon Supreme Court denied review.

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