Join Us Today at 1 PM at Spring Creek Coffee and Adopt A Street!!

Seems like just Last week we were Walking In Balmy Weather eating hotdogs at Otto’s Sausage & Deli!! Help Us Get The Vote Out!! If you would like to join us and adopt a street in your neighborhood or someone else’s come on down to Sring Creek Coffee House 10600 SE McLoughlin Blvd, Portland, OR 97222 (503) 496-5555 at 1 PM today and we will show you how. It is easy and fun. We will be working every day through election day. A street only takes about 30 minutes. So, come on down or email Our campaign with your phone numbe & address. Or, you can give me a call at 503-419-7096. I will probably have to return your call because we I am usually talking to a friend or neighbor in or District. Take The Time To Vote and Let All Work Together To Change Oregon’s Future.


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