Terry Scott, B-17 Alliance Group Executive Director, Lacey Lady’s Home

One fine day, the Lacey Lady will again take to the sky, bringing with her stories of sacrifice, courage and, above all, hope. But that is six years and more than $3 million in the future. But for now, the iconic B-17 that once soared over gas pumps along Southeast McLoughlin Boulevard just south of Milwaukie will be taking a more prosaic journey to a new home in an 80-foot-by-80-foot hangar in Salem, plus office and classroom space. This is a SHOUT OUT to our friends. B-17 Alliance has a donor who has proposed a $2000 challenge. He will donate $2000.00 if we can match his $2000.00 If everyone gave $10.00 we would exceed this goal and that would be super cool! Will you help us reach this goal? You can donate at www.B17AllianceGroup.org. or right here on our FaceBook page: www.facebook.com/B17AllianceGroupMilwaukieOregon


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