How Much More In State, Property, County, & City Taxes Do You Want To Pay?

This week’s email comes as Novick and Hales take a breather from their barnstorming tour of town halls and public meetings to push for more street maintenance. According to PBOT’s 2014-15 budget, just $11.3 million of the estimated $102.8 million in discretionary money in the agency’s coffers will go to direct pavement maintenance. The city, Novick said, pays more for other key maintenance work such as traffic control, than on physical pavement. Younger Oregonians are persistently experiencing the highest levels of joblessness. Oregonians’ household net worth has also declined more than 40 percent during the past seven years. Reduced equity in personal residences, diminished savings and increased personal debt are the leading causes for the sharp decline in net worth. In my opinion, Oregon’s economy will not recover until any number of failed political polices are dramatically reversed. The outcome of the recent state election virtually ensures that those changes will not be made in the next four years.….html


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