What About The Middle Class?? People, Can You Not See The Cronyism??

What about the middle class? Those working, paying very high taxes and barely able to pay for their health insurance, their children’s college tuition (which will go up under the present Governor’s budget), their own rent/mortgage payment, increasing cost of food and ever increasing utility bills (due primarily to energy companies being forced to incorporate expensive ‘alternative energy sources’), their car payments and gas in the rural areas of the state…………etc. Why should we borrow, as a state/citizens to pay for new housing for anyone? From the article it appears most will be built in Portland – look around at the incredible poverty in the rural areas of this state. Younger Oregonians are persistently experiencing the highest levels of joblessness. Millennial and members of”Generation X” are generally struggling to make ends meet. Nearly a quarter of the population between the ages of 18 and 25, who want to work, either cannot find jobs or can only find part-time employment.Not surprisingly, Oregonians’ household net worth has also declined more than 40 percent during the past seven years. Reduced equity in personal residences, diminished savings and increased personal debt are the leading causes for the sharp decline in net worth.

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