Dems state leaders issued report suggesting happy economic days here again.

Several of these new political policies will further target the budgets of lower and middle income Oregonians. Given that reality, I do not expect the bleak economic outlook for Oregon families and communities to improve into the foreseeable future. The latest recession hit Oregon much harder than most other states. The celebrated”recovery” has yet to even restore the number of jobs that were lost during that recession.
For instance, comparing pre-recession 2007 and current 2014 numbers:
*The total number of current Oregon jobs remains nearly 14,000 fewer than in 2007.
*Private sector employment is down nearly 17,000 jobs, while Government sector employment has increased by about 3,000 jobs. Only the Portland metropolitan area has registered positive job growth since 2007. Other metropolitan areas, including Bend, Corvallis, Eugene, Medford and Salem, remain about 4 percent below 2007 employment opportunity levels. Virtually all of the more rural districts outside of those six metropolitan areas remain at least eight percent below 2007 job numbers. Even worse, Oregon’s workforce participation rate is at the lowest level since officials started keeping records in 1976. According to the Oregon Employment Department, more than two of every five Oregonians who are capable of working are currently neither working nor looking for employment.


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