Who is Kate Brown and where did she come from?

She’s a hand-picked, agenda-driven activist who was specifically selected and installed by George Soros’ “Secretary of State Project,” which was designed to ensure that Democrats get elected to the office of Secretary of State in battleground states, so that they could control and manipulate elections. 1. I found that HB 2177 (Automatic Voter Registration bill), has a “State of Emergency” clause, which prevents voters from doing a Referendum on the bill after passage. 2. It has been passed by the House Rules Committee, but won’t go to Senate Rules because it has instead been sent to the Ways and Means Committee. 3. It is one of 3 bills that the Democrats plan to get passed ASAP. The other 2 are SB 324 (the carbon issue bill), and HB 2700 (which deals with the disbursement of left-over Legal Aid funds). 4. It was recommended yesterday at the OCL event that we should be urging people to call as many Democrats as possible and express deep concerns about HB 2177, especially about the inclusion of an Emergency clause.
This bill should require voter approval, not be forced upon us by use of the abused “State of Emergency” clause.


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