Sex Offenders In Oregon. State Fails To Track Hundreds

What Works: A single national database with up-to-date information on registered sex offenders that all states could access would significantly help track them, law enforcement officials say. States are supposed to share information about sex offenders who relocate to another state. Tighter controls are in place for sex offenders still on parole or probation who want to move out of state. They must apply to move, and the sending state must gain the receiving state’s permission and send an alert and address when the move occurs. Predatory Sex Offenders On Oregon’s Public Wesite: Here, by census tract, are the locations of nearly 700 predatory sex offenders made public on the Sex Offender Inquiry System website. They represent only 35 percent of Oregon’s predatory sex offenders because state law sets certain criteria that limits the number of names made public. Tracts are shaded by the concentration of predatory sex offenders per 1,000 residents. Click on a tract for more information or enter an address and city to zoom in on a location. To see information about specific offenders within one mile of an address, go to the state’s sex offender website.…ation


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