“Beyond Bathrooms What You Can Do For Your Transgender Students”

Sex-crime-tolerator, the Human Rights Campaign, the largest homosexual lobbying group in the country, is moving into first place in disseminating”LGBT” propaganda to children. HRC will sponsor”Time to Thrive” over the weekend of Feb. 13-15 in Portland, Oregon. It’s a conference for educators who want kids to believe they were born homosexual or born in the wrong sex body. The Time to Thrive objective is for kids to maintain that confusion and somehow”thrive” while embracing these behaviors as identities that pose no threat to their future well-being. In the city of Portland, the most prominent local Human Rights Campaign representative, Terrence Bean, was arrested in November along with another adult male for third-degree sodomy with a 15-year-old boy whom they apparently met through the iPhone app Grindr, a”gay” hook-up site featuring obscene homosexual posts. Time to Thrive was a conference held at the Portland Hilton, February 13th -15th and hosted by the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), which is the largest homosexual lobby group in the country. The conference was sponsored by the National Education Association (NEA), American Counseling Association, Oregon Education Association (OEA), California Teachers Association, California Federation of Teachers, Washington Education Association, Gender Spectrum, National LGBTQ Task Force and more.
Read more at barbwire.com/2015/01/09/0640-kids-thrive-sex-adult…dults

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