By Daylight Disinfectant:“Keep on the lookout for where whiteness shows up, share that information with colleagues,..” warns Kim Feicke in a recent email to Portland teachers. Feicke is a highly paid”Diversity Consultant” for the Portland Public School System. Dateline Monday March 16, 2015: Recently an unnamed source sent me the following redacted email warning teachers to watch out for whiteness: From: Kim Feicke <feicke@edequityoregon.com>
Subject: Finding Detours: Feicke”works” (and I use the word in it’s loosest form) for the Oregon Center for Educational Equity (OCEE), a private company providing training for Portland teachers. They are raking in the big bucks. Teachers travel to the Village Green Resort and stay overnight for several days for the firm’s training sessions. This is a five star resort on 17 Acres which includes themed gardens. Kim Feicke Oregon Center for Educational Equity
503-788-3500 www.edequityoregon.com

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