Prozanski Coordinates Anti-Gun Bills With Anti-Gun Groups

Just in time for April Fools Day, SB 941 , the gun owner registration bill, is scheduled for a hearing on April 1 at 8AM in Hearing Room 50 before the Senate Judiciary Committee. We told you they were going to race this through and they sure are. The anti-gunners in the Oregon Senate are bypassing all the normal rules and slamming this bill through as fast as they can. What normally takes weeks is happening in a single day. The bill was introduced this morning, already had its”first reading” was assigned to a committee and scheduled for a hearing at lightning speed. We have seen the Senate President pull this kind of sneaky move before to try to pass anti-gun bills. The bill is scheduled to be voted on in that committee the following day, April 2. WE need you! Every able bodied person should be there to counter protest the anti-gunners. We can’t let them take away our rights. Floyd Prozanski is willing to make this law even though it won’t prevent criminals from getting firearms. Our right to self-defense is a right we cannot give up. This is what separates America from ALL other countries. All dictators register guns, then they take them. We NEED YOU to make a stand! Silence makes them think you agree, then they pass the bill. Don’t let them tread on YOU!…roups


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