Democrats in Oregon Just Torpedoed a Bill to Expand Abortion Rights

Here’s how quickly the prospect of expanding abortion rights can kill a piece of legislation: In February, a group of state lawmakers introduced a House Bill 2758 that would require insurers to cover the full spectrum of women’s reproductive services at an affordable price. Just two months later, the same lawmakers have killed the bill. The section calling for abortion coverage proved just too controversial. This didn’t happen in the Rust Belt, or in a purple state where Democrats hold the statehouse by just a vote or two. It happened in Oregon, where the Democrats control both chambers of the legislature by a supermajority and where the party has a lengthy history of going to the mat for abortion rights. Oregon Children To Get Abortions On Parents Insurance W/O Parents OK
Under H.B. 2758, supposedly helping prevent “domestic abuse,” minors would be able to get abortions under their parents’ private insurance policies without their parents ever knowing. The insurance company would not issue a specific explanation of benefits for the “service.” The minor’s parents would unwittingly be paying for the abortion of their own grandchild. You may already know that Oregon doesn’t have a single restriction on abortion, not even a law requiring minors notify, much less get permission from, their parents before receiving an abortion. Unbelievably, it can get worse and it will if H.B. 2758 passes the Oregon Legislature then is signed into law by pro-abortion Gov. Brown. Despite what Planned Parenthood wants us to believe, abortion does hurt women, emotionally and physically. Not convinced? Just read some of the testimonies from Silent No More. Parents will be seeing the aftershocks of abortion in their children and won’t have any idea what the real cause is.…flict


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