Oregons Attorney General, Ellen Rosenblum, Linked To Child Sex Trafficking

Dateline May 8th, 2012. Thanks to Dan Tilkin for his relentless pusuit to uncover the truth. Before Rosenblum was AG she was on the Oregon Court of Appeals. That was my first encounter with her when she ruled against me in a case where my ex-wife, Erica Ewing, had fraudulently changed the names of our three young children then 6, 8, and 10 years old. Despite the fruad, perjury, Oregon Law, and Oregon Supreme Court Precedent, Rosenblum still ruled in favor of Erica Ewing. See US Supreme Court Case No. 10-1470. Rosenblum, who was a longtime judge, promised to go after those exploiting children during a campaign speech from March 2012. Rosenblum was promising to crack down on teen prostitution, but at the same time she has a link – through her husband Richard Meeker (Willamette Week owner) – to a website accused of being a primary conduit for human trafficking. Backpage has promised law enforcement it is cracking down on ads for teen prostitution but according to Portland police, they’re not seeing it. “I’ve seen them as young as 14 years of age, who are posted on www.backpage.com, claiming to be 19,” said Sgt. Mike Geiger with Portland police’s Vice Squad. Hopefully, voters remember and Vote for James Buchal in November 2016.


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