The Oregonian is reporting a $1.7B PERS Cost Increase Next Year!!

The Oregonian is reporting a $1.7B PERS cost increase next year for two reasons – the actuary is anticipating less returns and has re-calculated longevity of retirees; and then the other factor being the State Supreme Court overturning legislative attempts at reforms. But other non-PERS hits are coming to the budget too. Our Oregon, the campaign arm of the public employee unions simply wants to raise taxes, believing we should tax our way out of this. With nearly $70 BILLION in all-funds, I think our problem lies in overspending and poor budgetary management on the part of the executive branch, and over-promising by legislative leadership to groups that fund their campaigns. Any way you slice it, we have real problems going into the 2017-19 biennium, and my opponent does not seem very interested in taking practical steps to fixing the problems. Remember this when the North Clackamas School District hits you up for a $100,000 Million Dollar Bond in November 2016!!…river


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