Multnomah County Syphillis Outbreak

Syphilis was all but wiped out around 2000.
Now it’s finding a second life, particularly in Multnomah County. In 2008, there were just 20 cases of syphilis reported in the area. Five years later, that number jumped to 239 a 200% increase. Come On Portland We Can be the City in America for Syphilis infections. It’s easy, if a man has syphilis it presents as a dime size “chancre”, a raised, demarcated, festering pustule on his penis. This can not be missed. The pus is pungent, and malodorous. If the chancre occurs inside an orifice and is not visible. Then the only sensation would be that of thrusting your penis against sand paper. For every person that contracts syphilis they almost All end up with HIV also.



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