Oregon 11 Year Old Girl Falsely Accused Grandma of Sex Abuse

MOLALLA, Ore. (KOIN): Laurie Swanson’s world would change forever when she walked into a Molalla Safeway Store for lunch. Soon, thousands of Oregonians would see her face plastered across their TV and computer screens; the girl from the restroom told her parents Swanson sexually abused her. The girl’s parents called police, changing Swanson’s life forever. Late the next night, Molalla police knocked on her door. They had identified her as the woman in the surveillance video. Swanson was taken to Clackamas County Jail where she was booked. Shortly after, her mugshot was broadcast on the news and shared across a variety of digital platforms. By now, Swanson’s attorney had looked at the police report and determined things weren’t adding up. The girl’s mother was in the restroom — just feet away from her daughter — but didn’t hear anything. The girl hadn’t yelled out for help. In addition, the 11-year-old’s account of what happened changed several times. Then, there was this: her 9-year-old brother told police he was also molested by a man in the store. He later admitted fabricating the story. For her entire life, Laurie Swanson has dedicated herself to showing, teaching and caring for horses. But in June, her world and reputation were shattered. It all started on a regular day when she walked into a Molalla Safeway store for lunch.”I went into the restroom,” Swanson recalled.”I went into a bathroom stall.” While in the restroom, Swanson said she heard a woman and child walk in and enter a stall. Swanson didn’t know it at the time, but another child was in the restroom.”I walked out of the bathroom stall and there was a girl standing there nervous, agitated, fidgeting and looking like this, back and forth as if someone were chasing her,” she said. Swanson said that’s when she put her iPad down to wash her hands. After that, Swanson recalled walking out of the Safeway store and into her car. She drove away and headed home to her horse farm. Store surveillance cameras captured Swanson leaving the store.


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