Oregons Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum, Child Prostitution, & BackPage.Com

Dateline April 29th, 2015. Our Thanks To Dan Tilkin KOIN 6 News for staying on this story for the last three years. PORTLAND, Ore. KOIN 6 — When Ellen Rosenblum was running for Oregon Attorney General three years ago, stopping human sex trafficking was a cornerstone of her campaign. At that time, she delivered a speech to the Washington County Democrats. In April 2015, Rosenblum – who recently announced she will run for re-election — was the keynote speaker at a crime victim’s forum and talked about the issue. Rosenblum was promising to crack down on child sex traficking but at the same time she has a link – through her husband Richard Meeker (Willamette Week owner) – to a website accused of being a primary conduit for human trafficking, www.backpage.com The City of Portland joined a lawsuit against www.backpage.com, which argues the site knowingly promotes sex trafficking. Rosenblum declined to talk with KOIN 6 News about her connection to www.backpage.com When asked about www.backpage.com, she said,”I don’t know anything about what you’re talking about.” When KOIN 6 News pointed out www.backpage.com has ads Rosenblum is trying to eliminate, she said,”I don’t know what you’re talking about. I don’t click on my husband’s website.” But she is fully aware of the ads on Backpage. In October 2014, she signed a letter from the National Association of Attorneys General urging Congress to pass the SAVE Act — Stop Advertising Victims of Exploitation — which aims to help in the”eradication of human trafficking.” The letter specifically talks about how”websites such as www.backpage.com has created virtual brothels where children are bought and sold using euphemistic labels such as &#145escorts.’” Patricia Barrera has spent years working with women in Portland to get them out of prostitution.”We have a woman (Rosenblum) in a significant position in the state claiming ignorance in what her husband is involved in? That’s a problem for me,” Patricia Barrera said.
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