Milwaukie Local Iraq Vet Tina Kennedy Seeks to End Homelessness

After 22 years traveling the world, a 1992 Milwaukie High School graduate has returned to her hometown with a plan to build a transitional compound for homeless veterans. Retired U.S. Army 1st Sgt. Tina Kennedy hasn’t been home from Iraq a year, but she already has gathered the support of more than a dozen other tricounty nonprofit organizations specializing in veterans affairs. Unveiling a plan to house as many as 60 homeless veterans and their families in a transitional shelter, Kennedy said her dream is to get veterans back on their feet as productive citizens. Giving”a hand up, not a handout,” the complex she calls”Fort Kennedy” would be run with the discipline of a military barracks and provide services in health care, education and job placement. About 400 people have already said they plan to help, including the Patriot Guard riders, county commissioners Paul Savas and Martha Schrader, and Candidate for State Represntive Tim McMenamin, who attended MHS with Kennedy.…sness


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