Eugene 4J School District Draft Policy for Serving Trans-Gender Students

The Eugene 4J School District has prepared a 22- page draft policy (April 10, 2015) for serving gender nonconforming students. The policy defines bullying and harassment, restroom accessibility, locker room accessibility, sex education, participation in athletics and much more. As indicated in the ‘draft policy’ under “Locker Room Accessibility” …”A student shall not be required to use a locker room that is incongruent with the students gender identity”. If this is true, then according to the draft policy, a transgender boy may use the girls locker room, and conversely, a transgender girl may use the boys locker room. I wonder, does bulling and harassment fall under the guidelines for those girls and boys who are not transgender? Are their rights and safety issues being violated under this policy? Yes, of course they are! We urge concerned parents and guardians to contact Superintendent Gustavo Balderas at the Eugene 4J School District. You may call the superintendent at 541-790-7707 or email him at and register your displeasure with the proposed policy.…3.pdf

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