Milwaukie, Oregon Where are The Tree Huggers When You Need Them

Some are confused about my last post on Our Milwaukie City Council voting to basically sell the Farmers Market to Metro so they can put up a five story high density housing with NO Parking! This aerial view should help. Metro owns the little strip next to McLoughlin Blvd. and Milwaukie owns 5% of that strip. Metro should have given it to us when they pushed the light rail on us. Let them do what they want with it. The other 75% is owned by Milwaukie. Your City Councilors just gave Our Lot to Metro except Scott Churchill he voted NO, with the residents of Milwaukie. What about all the trees that provide shade for the Farmers Market, First Friday, and parking. Ed Zumwalt said it best if you watched the video (you can fast forward) “All of you folks are using this as a launching pad for your Political careers except Scott Churchill”.


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