Oregon’s Legislature Most Anti-Business, Anti-Family Cost of Living

The extremely controversial Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) enacted by SB 324 is arguably the most egregious of all the anti-business and anti-consumer laws passed. This law serves to raise the costs of energy for businesses and families, while making no measurable impact on global carbon emissions and failing to provide a single penny for much-needed road infrastructure improvements anywhere in Oregon. The only beneficiaries will be many of the out-of-state green energy corporations who helped sponsor the bill. We asked the DEQ representative how much of Oregon’s carbon output results from forest fires. His reply was it is not counted at all was mind-numbing! The public health impacts of such fires are severe and readily apparent. The reality is that many of the catastrophic wildfires that happen every year could be easily prevented through sound, science-based forest management practices. As a state, we are running the long-term risk of losing our fire insurance coverage. We came very close this year, even following huge increases in the insurance premium. If that happens, Oregon taxpayers and landowners will have to the bear the full cost of fighting these fires. That will divert resources from schools, public safety and other essential government functions. Catastrophic wildfires are bad for the environment. They are second only to volcanoes in the global emissions of greenhouse gases. They kill and horribly maim wild animals and poison and kill fish. Contamination with toxic ash and increased erosion of stream beds ensure many years of seriously degraded fish habitat. It is more important than ever that we put people back to work in our forests to do the kinds of preventative maintenance that is needed to keep them healthy and thriving. Sustainable forest harvest is symbiotic. It provides jobs and building materials while improving forest health. It ensures healthy forests for recreation that brings tourists from all over the world to share the scenic beauty that we have been blessed with.

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