Milwaukie, Oregon Will You Donate $1000 To A Mustang Sports Team??

The reason the programs are so nice and Free is because of the Advertisements. After Four Years of running my ad in the Football, Basketball, and Baseball programs which gave each team $1000 I was told in the Fall of 2014 by the new Athletic Director, who arrived in September 2014, that I could no longer run my ad. Even after the contract was signed four months earlier. The reason given was the school district did not want anyone to think that the school endorsed my campaign. Do You think the school endorses the Dentists, Auto Shops, Pizza Place, or Attorneys, etc. that advertise in the program? So, why play politics? The only one’s that are hurt by this action are the teams that will not receive the $1000. My opponent, in 2014, had a chance to place an ad but Did Not.
If a Milwaukie High Alum wants to place an ad to let his friends and neighbors know he is running for State Representative and also help Milwaukie High Athletics than what is the harm? Let’s keep politics out of Our Athletics and let the teams enjoy an extra $1000.


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