Oregon 2016 Ballot Measures Know What They Will Do

Know The Ballot Measures: One of these will cost $600 per person. A Family of Four will Pay an additional $2,400 More per Year.
League of Women Voters members have researched and written these ballot measure reports. Researchers try to verify all factual information. We work diligently to ensure that our reports are balanced, accurate, and fair. We strive to provide the information you need to make an informed VOTE! Our sources include: Financial Impact and Explanatory Statements from the Secretary of State,
State agencies and economists, and Measure supporters and opponents:
Ballot Measure # 94 -Judicial Retirement Amendment.
Ballot Measure # 95 -Public University Investments.
Ballot Measure # 96 -Lottery funds for Veterans.
Ballot Measure # 97 -Oregon Corporate Tax Increase.
Ballot Measure # 98 -Oregonians for High School Success.
Ballot Measure # 99 -Outdoor School Education Fund.
Ballot Measure -Wildlife Trafficking Prevention.


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