My goal is to get back to a system where teachers have the freedom to actually teach. Maybe even back to where the grades given in the classes were the appropriate level of accountability in the system. We used to have the best education system in the world. Now, Oregon is dead last in America. It could very well be the only way to get back to where we were is to end the federal intrusion and limit the state intrusion as well. It may be appropriate to give a little bit of the history of how the education system has gotten in the shape it currently is in. We are now in a situation where 75% of the funding is coming from the state. A few years ago the Legislature made the Governor the superintendent of public instruction and allowed him to create a governing board called The Oregon Education Investment Board (OEIB). The Governor then created several other boards, which at the end of the day has just added to the bureaucracy. The reality is that school performance was better when there was local control and unfortunately control tends to come from where the money is. The fault lies with both the legislature and the executive branch as we have both demanded accountability for the money we send to schools, which requires a lot of reporting and data collection that really has little to do with the actual education of kids.


Conflict of Interest?? You Decide

My opponent fot the North Clackamas School Board is a teacher. If she taught in the District she could Not be on the School Board due to a conflict of interest. She teaches in the Molalla School District. So why isn’t that a conflict of interest?